Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why has Electro House grown so popular?

Most people can consider genre styles differently. Every one's ears ultimately learn in time the difference between sounds and memorize their characteristics. The combination of two styles allows the creating of an entirely new style.

It is obvious that the combination of two different styles will surely make something very new. Strangely, the sound becomes when two unlikely matches are put together.

Only a very unique and creative genre catches on and hits main stream. With Electro House the process of being mixed in local clubs to being heard on dance clubs, commercials, television programs, video games, radio didn't take long. More simply put, Electro House emerged when the electro sound was becoming too boring and mellow and plain house was well, too plain. As soon as electro began to grow too popular for other musicians to find their room, they began to look for new ways to make music.

One of the very first DJs to incorporate these two style and become extremely popular was probably Benny Benassi. He directly incorporated smooth melodic electro beat with tech house irregularity. Most peopleby now has heard his song "Satisfaction". With the catchy tune and unique style it was the first of its kind to ever reach top charts in North America.

By 2005, Dave McCullen together with Matt Schwartz officially began labeling their music as "Electro House".

Since then hundreds of other DJ started to recreate music in this style and even many more listeners converted to fans. This music has barely been around for a decade and has been accepted by many club junkies.

Remixes are often made of popular songs that reach clubs around the world. One of more popular singles is "Bring The Noise" by Public Enemy. Other artist like Kid Cudi constantly put their share in releasing new electro house genre remixes of their songs. Today electro house continues to grow more and more popular every day.

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